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Dive WatchesOne of the most exciting and unexplored worlds isn't located out in deep space like so many people believe. This largely unexplored world covers 70% of the surface of our own Earth and is a sustaining factor in our ecosystem. A spacesuit isn't needed to explore the otherworldly forms found beneath the surface, but proper dive gear can extend the stay.

The easiest way to feel like you have been transported into another world is to scuba dive. Not only is the imagery alien, but a diver feels weightless as well. Add to this the feeling of carrying the life-support pack dive tank and viewing through dive masks and the diving experience can truly feel out of this world even though the diver may be actually getting closer to their evolutionary roots.

Modern dive equipment allows the diver to experience underwater locations with incredible ease and comfort. Though the days of heavy hard to maneuver equipment are still around the trend has been towards more streamlined, sleek and user friendly designs that give the diver a better, less distorted field of view, increased locomotion and maneuverability, and allow longer dive times with less decompression.

Even dive watches are becoming capable underwater computers that can calculate a number of dive situations simultaneously. These devices often work in tandem with advanced regulators that can preserve air and warn the diver of some potential dangers.

One of the most promising diving developments is the introduction and use of re-breathers as opposed to regular scuba dive tanks. Typically a regulator will dispel the divers exhalation which contains dangerous CO2 as well as beneficial breathing air. This is the cloud of bubbles seen coming from most divers and not only does it scare away fish and other underwater life, but it contains a large amount of useful air.

A re-breather uses a closed loop and air scrubbers that remove the CO2 from the loop and store it in cartridges. This is very similar to how the space shuttle recycles air in space. Not only does all the available air get saved for later use, increasing dive times exponentially, but here are no annoying and distracting bubbles blocking anyone's view or scaring away the wildlife. They are silent and surprisingly small, often smaller than two large dive tanks, and come with advanced dive computers and heads up displays. For technical diving, underwater filming, wreck exploration and caving a re-breather is absolutely essential and allows for an unprecedented range of movement coupled with the longest dive times. It is no wonder these are preferred by Navy seals.

Swimming with all that equipment can be slow and tedious even with the biggest diving fins which is why an increasing number of divers have begun using diver propulsion vehicles, often called dive scooters. Dive time is limited by the amount of air and exertion quickly uses that available air up even if using a re-breather. The easiest and most fun way to increase dive time is with a strong dive scooter allowing for the best out of this world exploration this side of the moon. I'm sure that a whale would be just as surprised to see a diver for the first time as we would a being from outer space.