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Dive Gear

Dive gear includes various pieces of equipment that are designed to allow a diver to remain underwater comfortably for a period of time. The most important piece of equipment is the air tank, or dive cylinder, and regulator. This is the gear that allows the diver to breath and exhale underwater and is the single most important piece of equipment.

The next most important piece of dive gear is the diving mask. Without a proper mask the diver cannot see what is occurring right in front of their eyes and would limit exploration greatly. A mask covers the nose allowing the diver to keep their eyes under the correct amount of atmospheric pressure.

Now that the diver can see they need to be able to get around which is where the next piece of dive gear, the fins, come into play. Fins give the diver the power to maneuver in the water, allowing them to move around, descend and ascend when necessary. A weight belt is used to counteract the natural buoyancy of the diver and their equipment allowing them to remain motionless. There is obviously more gear that is often used, such as a dive watch, but these are the basic bare minimums.