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Dive Masks

Dive masks allow a diver to see on the most basic level. They cover the diver's eyes and nose. It is important that they cover the nose as well as the eyes because this feature allows the diver to relieve pressure on their eyes as they descend deeper into the water.

An increase in outside pressure on dive masks can cause dangerous problems for the eyes if the diver does not pressurize their mask by letting air out of their nose to counteract the outside pressure. This is simple and natural for an experienced diver and should be one of the first techniques taught before going to deeper depths.

Dive masks need to have clear lenses that give the diver a broad field of vision. They also need to be strong enough to withstand enormous amounts of pressure without cracking or breaking. Synthetic materials are often used on the lenses and straps to prevent salt water corrosion as well as to protect from shattering at extreme depths.